Flu Vaccine Program

Flu clinic appointments are available to book NOW, and if you’re eligible to receive the vaccine at the practice you don’t need to wait for an invite – please call us or come in to the practice as soon as possible to secure your appointment.
Eligibility hasn’t changed since last year. The criteria are:

  •  Everyone aged 65 or over by 31st March 2013
  • Anyone aged 6 months and over with the following conditions:
  •  Diabetes
  •  Lowered immunity due to disease or treatment
  •  Asthma (you must require regular use of a steroid inhaler or tablets for control, or have had an emergency ad mission to hospital because of you asth ma in the last year)
  •  Chronic respiratory disease (such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis)
  •  Heart disease
  •  Neurological disease (e.g. Stroke/TIA, MS)
  •  Severe kidney or liver disease
  •  Women in any stage of pregnancy
  •  Or if you are an unpaid carer, or a young carer, for someone who could not manage without your help if you became ill

Our flu clinic appointments are only five minutes long, and are for administering the vaccinations only, so please make a separate appointment if you need to address any other health matters. This allows the Practice Nurses time to see that all eligible patients can be vaccinated.