Repeat Prescriptions

We offer a full repeat prescription service that can be used in a way that suits you.

If you are on long-term treatment you will be given a tear off request slip with your most recent prescription. It is the request slip that needs to be handed in when you require a further supply of your medicines.

You can order repeat prescriptions in several ways. We will be implementing a new web based prescription ordering service very shortly. More information will appear here and in the news items on the web page. There will also be an item in the next newsletter.

By Hand

You are always welcome to come into the practice and hand in your repeat prescription request. We also have a repeat prescription request post box in the foyer of the building on the ground floor.

Via the Local Pharmacy

You can also hand in your request slip at the local pharmacy and the request will come to us.

The prescription will be ready to collect in 48 hours (2 working days), either from the surgery or the chemist of your choice.

Please Note

On the request slip it will indicate how many times you can have the prescription renewed before seeing a GP for a medication review. If there is medication on your repeat slip that you no longer take or require, please inform the doctor/receptionist/chemist in order that it can be discontinued.